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We are digital transformation

In the last three decades, technologies have become reality that we previously only knew from films and books. We love to develop ourselves and our projects further. Information systems must constantly react to changes and new developments. Since we work in agile and modular processes, flexibility is in our blood.

We spread a
thirst for knowledge

We love knowledge - never get tired of learning - and want to pass it on. Curiosity is our constant companion. Constant exchange between our project teams, with our platform providers and regular lightning talks on new developments help us to stay on the cutting edge.

We promote a
culture of openness

Mausbrand is an active part of the open source community and the core of its own ecosystem.
Our information system ViUR is freely available. Innovations are thus created through an open exchange of ideas.

  • Cooperation
  • Open Source
  • Secure infrastructure
  • Cloud based
  • Personal

We break down
silo thinking

Data is the resource of the 21st century. Every company collects and stores data in different departments and areas - inaccessible silos. Bringing this data together and analysing it helps you better understand products, services and your customers.

We think
about people

Despite all the technology, one thing is clear to us: people must be at the centre! Be it as a user of the software, as a contact person, as a customer or as an employee.